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Are the CMS following their legislation, guidance and policy?

The CMS is managed through legislation. By answering these questions you are helping us and the government to determine if the CMS are breaking their own legal requirements.


This questionnaire should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete

Thank you. You have now answered half of the questions.

Have the CMS/CSA management processes resulted in you experiencing any of the following? Please select all relevant options.
Have you experienced any of the following because of the CSA/CMS? Please select all relevant options.
Has the CMS/CSA ever made you feel? Please select all relevant options.
What do you want to happen to the CMS? Please select all relevant options.
How would you rate the way in which the CMS dealt with your report?
Extremely unprofessional, refused to help or refer you to a member of staff who could assist youNot so professional, not helpful, didn’t know their responsibility, giving false informationSomewhat professional, helpful but unsure of their responsibilityVery professional, following legal/policy requirementsExtremely professional, following legal/policy requirements, understanding urgent needs and responding
How would you rate the CMS customer service?
Purposefully neglectful /IncompetentNot at all professionalSomewhat professionalExtremely professionalExtremely professional
How would you rate enforcement?
InhumaneNot at all usefulSomewhat usefulVery usefulExtremely useful
How can the CMS better support families?
Do you believe as a paying parent CMS and other services are used to abuse you through false allegations and refusing to look at your evidence?
When you disclosed your mental health or suicidal thoughts did the CMS?
Have you ever complained to others regarding proven false arrears/over-inflated income to one or more of the following? Please select all relevat answers.

Thank you. You have now answered all questions.

You can submit this questionnaire anonymously but please consider providing us

with your details and we will keep you informed of our progress.

We have received your answers to our questionnaire.

Thank You for Helping Us!

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