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Lee Marks and Josh Munro from Break the Silence UK

Lee and Josh are men who have, personal and professional experience in the trauma of domestic abuse, both are passionate about having equality for men and boys and reflect on why marching beside other groups who are trying to support men matters. Lee Marks is a well-known author who runs an organisation called Break the Silence UK. Lee's book was written to offer a guide for men who are experiencing abuse. Josh is a qualified IDVA offering men who need specialist support the ability to leave the abuse they are experiencing.

Following on from the success of "Break the Silence - a support guide for male victims of domestic abuse", Break the Silence UK is now hard at work developing and delivering bespoke and innovative training packages across the UK to organisations wanting to up skill their staff and engage with this specialist client group. Alongside this the organisation is still hard at work producing support guides and group programs for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. http://breakthesilenceuk-co-uk.stacks...

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