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Updated: Feb 8

When a family member attempts suicide, it affects every single person. The emotions experienced by each can be shock, fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, betrayal and more. It can also give the family an increased risk of others attempting or completing suicide.

Our CEO Sally-Anne Burris says we need to know that the highest rate of suicide in every country except four is held by men and boys, some younger than ten.

Say says: “In the lowest countries statistics say its two out of three men and boys, the highest is five out of six. “No death from suicide is acceptable, but these stats are screaming at the world we are getting something wrong.

“Our research and discussions with men and men’s groups have shown us what the causes are, family courts, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, rape and an non-empathic world narrative towards men and boys is but a few.

“What is most abhorrent to us is that those who govern countries know this, have the stats and evidence and yet still choose the directly and indirectly discriminate against men in the formulation and of legislation and guidance within all their strategies.

“The result of this is that we have a world that is locking half the world population out of choices and forcing them into isolated silence, this has got to change.”

Split the difference is now hosting a world wide campaign to raise awareness and is looking to raise funds to use new, enhanced technology that will work as a preventative resource.

Sally says: “We know what is needed, through our therapeutic work and working technical consultants believe we have found a strong preventative solution but now need to source funding. “we have been consistently attempting to access grants etc but no-one wants to fund men and boys.”

Split the difference will be running a campaign asking people to donate one hour of their income to raise funds. They have also designed a narrative for people who are contemplating ending their lives to make it easy to open up and ask for support.

Split the difference is asking that every one share this with empathy.

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