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Noel Willcox

As Hemel Hempstead’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Reform UK Party, Noel Willcox believes that there are major issues within services that can only be rectified through governmental reforms.

Noel says: “Children’s services, family court and the Child Maintenance Service among others have become broken and unrepairable, we all need to become positive supporters for change.”

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Noel’s research over the last two years has meant he has connected with many individuals and agencies and has contributed to some of the work Split the Difference is doing to campaign against the illegal practices of the CMS.


Noel says: “Governance and services are getting it wrong and destroying the lives of individuals and whole families. “My knowledge of this and my experience of supporting men, women and children has informed my decision to go into the political arena.  “Good people need to start supporting good political decisions.


“Split the Difference and their volunteers are very committed to supporting a healthy, whole family agenda as well as the needs of boys and men, it has been a pleasure sharing data and experience with their team and to take part in the interview with Alex Reid.


“My career in the army and running a business has taught me a lifetime of good ethics and values.  “It has shaped me with the drive and courage to be an active politician and I will do everything in my power to push forward reform and change, for all in my local community and nationally.


Noel is currently taking steps to consult with his community, Noel says: ”I want to ensure I am supporting agenda’s and needs that are important to them.  The best way for me to do this is consult and start providing a clinic environment and offer what help I can.”


Split the Difference does not align with an individual political party, it supports an identity as a critical friend. 


Sally-Anne Burris says: “We are a Human Rights organisation that maintains a position that contributes to cross party agendas.


“Having said that, we hold respect for politicians and civil servants who promote professional courage and base their work on comparable evidence understanding their role is to serve.


“We work with many politicians, share our knowledge and evidence and are constantly blessed by meeting many who clearly want to make a positive difference to their communities.”


We have known Noel for 18 months and he has impressed all our team with his drive and commitment to understanding what’s needed from him and implementing actions that support change, he is most definitely one to watch.”


If you want to know more about Noel’s work you can find him Instagram

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