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Ian Briggs

In November 2021 Split the Difference was approached by Ian Briggs with a request to join him in challenging and raising awareness on the mass suicides and illegal management of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).


He brought with him the story of his only child, Gavin Briggs. Like Ian, Gavin was an ex-service man.  Sharing comprehensive evidence with Split the Difference, Ian explained that he had found evidence that showed Gavin was under an intense amount of pressure that he  hadn’t shared at the time.

Ian Briggs.png

The evidence Ian shared of Gavin’s case showed consistent bullying from the CMS, a lack of due process that went against their own legislation and guidance.


With false arrears and an over inflated income that equated to over £30,000 the CMS denied all evidence from Gavin that showed their mistakes and stripping his income, leaving him with £169.00 per month, Gavin took his own life.


Ian is a gentleman, kind, considerate and has an incredible level of dignity.  His and Gavin’s story, has inspired a team of volunteers and the public to move the CMS campaign forward.


Split the Difference is now lobbying central government, feeding into relevant consultations and preparing multiple cases for legal challenge.


Ian maintains a voice of commitment and inspires a team of volunteers to keep moving forward, his voice and presence continues to hold a pinion for the whole team.

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