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Craig Bulman

Craig Bulman is an ex-para who has spent over a decade supporting paying parents who have lost their children, been made homeless, lost their businesses or more because of the Child Maintenance Services (CMS).


After being forced out of his career by the CMS and spending years proving the mismanagement of his own case, Craig found himself a target for other parents desperate to get the truth of their cases seen and resolved by the CMS.

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Craig says: “I couldn’t believe the volume of cases the CMS and earlier the CSA have failed over three decades.” 


To understand what the issues within this agency were Craig has spent years studying the legislation that the CMS operates within.  With this knowledge he has support 100s of cases through challenge and complaints processes, including campaigning.


Sally-Anne Burris Director of Split the Difference says: “When talking to anyone about Craig’s work I refer to him as our amateur professor. 


“It’s a strong statement but his study and understanding of the law, the UK’s Constitution and the involvement of civil servants and politicians through history who have been part of building this fraudulent agency, brings many to his door for help and understanding, including the sharing what he knows with legal representatives, MP’S, Councillors and more.


“While Craig has not studied law and constantly reminds us all of this, his learning and knowledge is profoundly extensive and has been greatly beneficial to our CMS campaign helping us fact check the evidence we have compiled.”


Craig lost a career he adored, he says: “I was a career Para, I would have stayed until I retired, it was to be my life’s work.  “When the CMS destroyed my career, they killed my dreams and for a long time they disabled me.  It is impossible to think it, but their actions in my case became the trigger to PTSD.”


Sally says: “Craig’s volunteer work as an advisor and researcher with Split the Difference has been invaluable.  He is a very honourable man, and a powerful advocate for truth, without his knowledge and wisdom we would have struggled to understand the depth of the mismanagement and misrepresentation of this service in relation to the CMS’s legal responsibilities.”

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