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Shaun Buchanan

Split the Difference would like to welcome Shaun Buchanan as our volunteer Community Development Director for England.  

An avid campaigner on social justice issues, with a particular focus on ethnic and gender equity, Shaun has created and contributed to petitions on shared parenting, campaigned to prevent taxation of women sanitation products and canvassed for change within the Royal Courts of Justice for greater Family Court scrutiny in 2018.

Other areas Shaun has contributed to includes campaigning for truth and accountability for the Police killing of Mark Duggan in 2013 and Philando Castille in 2016, which led into supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Shaun also has a history of supporting women who experience domestic abuse working with women’s charities in developing community services.

Holding a core belief that all members within a family should have the same opportunities to thrive, Shaun’s new role with Split the Difference is to build collaborative partnerships with community and statutory stakeholders that will enable Split the Difference to further the reach of its work within England. Starting with Split the difference’s Violence Against Boys and Men Strategy.

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Shaun says: ‘My interest in social justice stems from negative experiences that I had growing up in London from my father being threatened with homelessness by my mother during marital arguments.

“The murder of Stephen Lawrence and the Police negligence during the subsequent investigation, the 2013 riots where Mark Duggan was killed by the Police. Men are dying from suicide at record rates due to financial pressures of society and relationship breakdown within family homes. Boys academic standards have been dropping for the past 50 years, all the underlying reasons are grounded in benign neglect perpetuated by government apathy.”

A former semi-professional footballer and two-time published author of the ‘Road of Life’ and ‘Will The British Black Press Survive The Financial Crisis’. Shaun also gained a New Media Journalism and Radio Broadcasting BA Degree from Thames Valley University in 2010.

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