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Child Maintenance Services (CMS) Campaign

Are the CMS following their legislation, guidance and policy? Share your information with us by completing our questionnaire.

The CMS is managed through legislation. By answering these questions you are helping us and the government to determine if the CMS are breaking their own legal requirements.

The National Audit Office v The Child Maintenance Service, death, destruction and no accountability.

The National Audit Office for over a decade has consistently reported the failings of the CMS. Noel Wilcox and Alex Reid discuss the truth of this service and how they are responsible for systemic abuse that too often results in the suicide of young paying parents.

What do you do when a government department pushes parents to suicide?

Gavin Briggs, an ex-RAF serviceman and the only child of Ian Briggs, took his own life when the CMS left him with £169 to live off.


Research completed by  Brian Hudson found over a 1000 additional deaths of parents every years are connected to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).


To put this figure in context, in total over the last 30 years 842 UK service personnel have lost their lives as part of international conflict.


From a fifteen month research project Split the Difference has identified catastrophic failings by the CMS and the previous CSA that shows wilful neglect in the needs of parents and children dating back decades.


Sally-Anne Burris, Director of Split the Difference CIC say: “The government has no other choice but to decommission this service. “I have seen such a destructive, dysfunctional government department that is clearly operating in a fraudulent capacity while it consistently breaks its own legislation, guidance and policy.”

Child Maintenance Service, does it help children or destroy their families?

Brian Hudson completed 18 months of research that identified heightened death rates in parents associated with the Child Maintenance Service in comparison with the general population. Joining Split the Difference to raise awareness and promote the decommissioning of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), Brians research found there are over a 1000 deaths per year attributed to the CMS.

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