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Alexander Reid

You wouldn’t be wrong if you described Alexander Reid as a colourful, dynamic celebrity.  

An ex-service man, leading MMA fighter, actor and more, Alexander has proven himself to be an achiever.


What many may not know, is that as Alexander has evolved in his personal and professional life, he has become a strong advocate for people who are struggling and works to change injustice in our communities.

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Through his own investigation into the Child Maintenance Service, Alexander connected with Split the Difference. Finding a shared interest, he has collaborated in research and promoting facts. Alexander has also participated by interviewing colleagues, parents, politicians and family members who had lost loved ones.


All those within the Split the Difference team are grateful that Alexander’s natural leaning towards investigative journalistic and his warm hearted, interpersonal skills, have connected him to the work they are doing in raising awareness on the injustices within the CMS system.


As much as Split the Difference has valued all Alexander has shared, it’s his ability to critique that has been a real insight.


Sally-Anne Burris, Director of Split the Difference says: “Alexander Reid is a man of, and for the people. “He is an authentic human being, warm, kind, often delightfully unfiltered. 


“One the surprises in getting to know Alexander, is his ability to look at all sides of a situation, the exploration of the birds eye view.


“I have come to realise there is lots people don’t know about Alexander Reid and its been a pleasure to meet and work with him.”


“As Split the Difference is growing, we are very grateful to find ourselves attracting people who strive for truth.”

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