Who We Are?

We are an organisation created to raise awareness on the inequality for men and boys within United Nation
member states and encourage consultation, guidance and policy that supports their needs equally to women and girls.

Why we do this

After five years of UK national and international research we found that men and boys do not have equality in the systems and services that are in communities all over the world.  We identified 13 common areas that profoundly impact their lives.
We found the largest common influence was governance that is shared through the United Nations.  When you see the truth, the statistics and evidence, when you realise that it is men and boys who don’t have equality in the management of our international communities, there is only one thing you can do.
Raise awareness and ask that the United Nations address the issues and build equal pathways into services for men and boys through consultation and representation.

What we do

  1. Use journalism and social media to raise awareness on the affects inequality for men and boys have in their lives, their families and society as a whole
  2. Publish how and why governance is letting men and boys and those who love them down and what needs to change to give them equality
  3. Publish media created by the professionals who understand and have experience of the inequalities for men and boys and others who tell the stories of their experience living through the agony of trying to get the support they need
  4. Conduct up-to-date research that shows where these inequalities are present and what the contributing factors that are enabling them to continue
  5. Gather statistical evidence to support change enabling the values of equality and human rights to thrive
  6. Provide post campaign reports to evidence our processes and due diligence
  7. Support those who choose to tell their stories through us in any way we can
  8. Work with other organisations on campaigns that support equality for men and boys
  9. Create and provide resources for men, boys and their families who are struggling with the lack of equality in services
  10. Create and provide resources for professionals who are working in governance or the areas that influence services within the community
  11. Raise funding through our shop and through donations to pay for qualified team members who can support our aims for men and boys
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