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"Be the change you want to see in the World."

Mahatma Gandhi

Sign for a UN Men

Men and boys do not have a UN Men, as a result of this they have no body within governance who advocate specifically for them.  Which means that legislation does not include them in the most vulnerable situations they will ever experience in their lives.

Equally Seen, Served
& Safe

The call for government strategies to tackle intimate violence against men and boys. Our campaign begins by calling on the Northern Irish Executive to develop a male victims strategy, aligning with the important work currently being undertaken for female victims.

The Campaign begins with a call on the Northern Irish Executive to develop a male victims strategy to complement the important work they are already undertaking to address the unique challenges experienced by female victims of violence.

Thinking Man

Gender Bias UN Laws Video

Give Men and Boys a UN Men Video


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Copying Down


Are the CMS following their legislation, guidance and policy?​

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Open letter sent to Their Excellencies, Permanent Representatives to 193 UN Member States, the two observer States and the Six Management Committees.

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An hour of your time

When a family member attempts suicide, it affects every single person. The emotions experienced by each can be shock, fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, betrayal and more. 

London March For Men - 12/09/2020

Men and women from all over the UK march for equality for men and boys in services that was held on 12th September 2020 in London


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We are headed up by a dedicated qualified team of professionals committed to making changes.

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