Split the Difference

We are an organisation created after five years of national and international research to raise awareness and campaign, within the United Nations member states, for equality and gender parity for men and boys. We encourage consultation, guidance, legislation and policy that support men and boys equally to women and girls.


Sign for a UN Men

There is a UN Women but no UN Men. In every country across the world women have a voice in how laws and services are created so they are included but men and boys do not. We have to enable the same choices for men and boys, please sign and share our petition.


Equally Seen, Served & Safe

The call for government strategies to tackle intimate violence against men and boys. Our campaign begins by calling on the Northern Irish Executive to develop a male victims strategy, aligning with the important work currently being undertaken for female victims.


London March

An amazing event in London marching together. September 2020. Equality in services for men and boys starts with families, best friends, and strangers standing up and marching together. Watch this space. The next event is due to take place on June 19th in Edinburgh.

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Our Philosophy

Our definition of community is a group of people who choose to live in the same environment, regardless of race or beliefs and who have a vested interest in the social values and responsibilities of their community. We are interested in facts and evidence and will endeavour to keep a balanced perspective, working from an unbiased position. To us this means: Consulting with all levels of the community who have a vested interest and encourage them to become part of the process in gathering evidence and raising awareness. This includes the general public, politicians, councillors, civil servants, government organisations, charities community groups, businesses and individuals.

Make a Difference

After five years of UK national and international research we found that men and boys do not have equality in the systems and services that are in communities all over the world. We identified 13 common areas that profoundly impact their lives. We found the largest common influence was governance that is shared through the United Nations. When you see the truth, the statistics and evidence, when you realise that it is men and boys who don’t have equality in the management of our international communities, there is only one thing you can do. Raise awareness and ask that the United Nations address the issues and build equal pathways into services for men and boys through consultation and representation.

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Prior to formulating this campaign, research was done looking at how education approaches the needs of each gender. There are some startling facts on how the education system is failing boys


Legal Representatives

Education, training and social trends impact on the professional development of people who choose to become legal professionals.


Gathering Of Statistics

Our research has shown that the way the data is collected, correlated and calculated enables inequality to be in place in the services delivered in the community.



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